Cycling to Stomp Cancer Out - Our Story

Bring your Bicycles and have a fun day out on the 16th November 2013 as we cycle to stomp out Cancer and share our story. More »


A BIG THANK YOU! To our 2012 Cycling to Stomp Cancer out of Kenya Event Sponsors! More »

Cycling to Stomp Out Cance 2012

The 2012 Cycle to stomp out cancer in Kenya event was a great success with lots of fun for everyone who attended... More »

Cycling to Stomp Out Cance 2012

The 2012 Cycle to stomp out cancer in Kenya event was a great success with lots of fun for everyone who attended... More »

Cycling to Stomp Out Cance 2012

The 2012 Cycle to stomp out cancer in Kenya event was a great success with lots of fun for everyone who attended... More »

Henzo Kenya Marks World CML Day 2013 during the AGM, Nairobi

Henzo Kenya marked this year\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s World CML Day during the annual general meeting that was held at The Nairobi Hospital on September 14, 2013. Attendants listen keenly to the speaker. More »

Henzo Kenya Marks World CML Day 2013 during the AGM, Nairobi

Alice, who is an executive committee member sharing her testimony More »



Cycling Event

Henzo Kenya invites you to our 3rd Annual Cycling event dubbed “Cycling 2 Stomp out Cancer – Our Story” to be held on Saturday 16th November 2013 at the Nairobi Railway Club starting from 7.00am
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Marking World CML Day 2013

World CML Day 2013



HENZO Kenya celebrated the second World CML Day in Kenya with an event held at The Nairobi Hospital on 14th September 2013.  A total of 202 people participated in the event including patients, caregivers and supporters.  Prof. N.A.O. Abinya and Prof. Mwanda gave talks on CML and GIST, while Mr. Phillip Odiyo gave a talk on therapies available for cancer patients at Faraja Cancer Support Trust.  Henzo joins other CML advocates around the world in celebrating our uniqueness and togetherness as a CML Community – SOTE PAMOJA HENZO - TUKO KIPEKEE NA TUNASHEREHEKEA!

We thank CML Advocates Network for this great idea.

The global walk to end women’s cancer


Reprieve for CML and GIST patients as Glivec drug consignment is realeased

We are pleased to inform you that Glivec has now been released and is available for dispensing to the 464 patients at The Nairobi Hospital pharmacy.

We appreciate and acknowledge Ministry of Health who paid the Kshs. 5.6 Million railway development levy, KEBS for the waiver of inspection fees, The Nairobi Hospital management and all other stakeholders who have helped in one way or the other in securing the release of these life saving medicines. God bless you all.


Glivec Story covered by local print media

The ongoing saga involving the Glivec consignment still held by KRA was featured on local print media yesterday and today.

The Daily Nation highlighted the story yesterday. Please click on the link to read more:

The Standard also highlighted the plight of CML & GIST patients  in today’s issue:

We urge the Government of Kenya to move swiftly and resolve this issue as it is a matter of life and death.


Glivec is the drug used by hundreds of CML (Blood cancer) and GIST (Stomach cancer). These people depend on this drug for their survival. The drug is donated by Novartis and other stakeholders and they make it accessible to the patients here in Kenya through a program coordinated by the Nairobi Hospital and now the Kenya g\Government has imposed a levy on the current consignment currently under KRA custody. If this consignment is not released immediately, these patients will be without the much needed Glivec. This is a temporary solution. The long term solution will be to amend the particular piece of legislation so as to ensure in future, we do not encounter such problems. Cancer treatment and care is expensive. Surely, these patients need the government to step in and do the needful. So to get their voices heard, please join in and help us lobby the government to act swiftly.

Please connect with us via twitter and facebook and get this trending #SaveGlivec

”if you want to run fast, you run alone, but if you want to run for a long time, you run as a group”. 

KTN Airs HENZO’s plight

Yesterday, KTN aired a feature on the plight of hundreds of CML and GIST patients who are at risk of not getting the life saving drugs they so require courtesy of the Government levy on the consignment of donated cancer drugs and ARVs currently in the custody of KRA. The 1.5% levy charged on the consignment means that the beneficiaries of the GIPAP program would be required to pay up to Kshs. 5.6M for the consignment to be cleared.

We wish to applaud KTN for this commendable coverage. You can watch the night segment here:

We hope the Government will keep its word as the Health Cabinet Secretary promised the consignment will be released as soon as possible.

World CML Day 2013

22, September is World CML Day. This year, “World CML Day” previously known as “International CML Awareness Day” will present itself in a new light, with a new logo and a new name.

For more information, please follow this link:


Henzo Kenya Annual General Meeting

Henzo Kenya will be hosting this year’s annual general meeting on 14, September 2013.

Venue: New Lecture Theatre, The Nairobi Hospital

Time: 8.30am- 3.30pm

Among the issues that will be discussed is the newly introduced tax on Glivec and plans to lobby the government for a waiver.

All members and patients are asked to attend.

See you there!

Cycling To Stomp Out Cancer 2013-Our Story

Henzo Kenya in partnership with other stakeholders is organizing a cycling event dubbed ” Cycling to stomp out cancer-Our story”. The event is expected to take place on 16, November 2013. Details of the venue and time will be communicated at a later stage.

To support this event and the organization, please email:

Support can also be channeled through our Mpesa paybill number with details as follows:

1. Access the Mpesa Menu

2. Select Paybill

3. Enter business number 508400. This number is specific to Consolidated Bank Kenya Limited where Henzo Kenya has an account.

4. Enter the 13 digit destination account number- 0130750866000

5. Enter amount to transfer (Minimum amount is Kshs. 100 and maximum is Kshs 70,000 with a daily limit of Kshs. 140,000)

6. Complete by entering your Mpesa PIN

7. An SMS confirmation will be sent to you on completion.


Support this worthy cause today!!!!